Unattended, grab-and-go catering outlet providing complete flexibility for operators through an 24/7 provision. Our technology is best in class, providing a familiar high street retail to customers. Clients are able to stock healthier options to traditional vending machines, boosting staff wellbeing.


Best-In-Class Technology

Our proven range of self-checkouts can be found in more micro markets across the U.K than any other provider. Trusted across some of the best UK Universities, top-tier retailers and more.

24/7 Convenience

Stocked daily, weekly, or bi-weekly; dependant on your needs, micro markets are accessible at any time and are proven to boost employee productivity.

Hybrid Provisions

Perfect for those who still wish to have on-site catering, but also want to reward their night shift or early starting employees. Our hybrid self-checkouts allow for both attended and unattended mode, without the need for additional hardware.

Order Ahead

With the added benefit of our order ahead app, this can allow employees to order special requests directly to your in-house market.

Digital Loyalty

Encourage employees to return to your market by rewarding them for their loyalty. With every 10 coffees they buy, give them 1 free.

Digital Signage

Display promotions and sales in and around your business to promote sales and your brand.

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